Layoffs at local Bell Media stations

December 4, 2017

Bell Media cut approximately 50 production, post-production and administration positions at stations across Canada this week. At the same time, in response to rapid marketplace changes and low advertising revenues, the broadcaster is hiring 40 new digital media specialists to help grow their digital presence. Unifor, the union representing Bell Media employees, issued a statement detailing that “the CRTC granted the major TV networks five-year licence renewals on May 15, 2017. Then Chair Jean Pierre Blais rejected any licence conditions of ‘local presence’ that might have guarded against cutting on-air staff.”

“These huge media companies were allowed by the CRTC to grow big and eat up smaller companies with the expectation that they would maintain a high level of local news coverage,” said Unifor Media Director Howard Law. “This was supposed to end happily for local news, and it has not.””

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