Manitoba Media Production Industry Townhall

September 19, 2018

Invitation to an Industry Townhall






Message from On Screen Manitoba Co-Chairs

Phyllis Laing, Executive Producer, Buffalo Gal Pictures

“The heart of Buffalo Gal Pictures has always been independent production, although we embrace service work as an important part of our slate. This gives me perspective on the challenges, risks and benefits of service and independent production, both for Manitoba production companies and for the industry as whole. Now is the time to come together to support and strengthen all aspects of our industry.”

Rob Rowan, Business Agent IATSE 856 and IATSE 669

“I come from the service provider part of the industry — that includes IATSE, studios and much more; but as OSM Co-Chair, I work for the whole Manitoba industry. Our goal for this term is to have all of us work together for the betterment of the Manitoba industry.”

We want to thank all our members for the opportunity to Co-Chair the Board of On Screen Manitoba. The Manitoba media production industry is in a period of rapid growth. It has never been more important for the whole industry to work together to capitalize on this unprecedented expansion in every genre and type of production. In our role as Co-Chairs, it is our job to consider and respond to the challenges and opportunities of the whole industry.With this in mind, we invite you to an industry-wide Townhall Meeting on Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the Piano Nobile at the Centennial Concert Hall to discuss the future of the industry and to gather your thoughts about how best to grow Manitoba’s media production industry.

Prior to the meeting, a survey will be distributed to shape the focus of the meeting and to collect information from those who cannot attend the townhall.

Please RSVP now for the Manitoba Media Industry Townhall on Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, in the Piano Nobile at the Centennial Concert Hall .

The whole Board of On Screen Manitoba looks forward to rolling up their sleeves and working with you to envision the future of our industry in Manitoba.

OSM Co-Chairs, Phyllis Laing and Rob Rowan


Complete the survey.


Message from On Screen Manitoba Executive Director

“The Manitoba media production industry will continue to grow if all stakeholders are engaged – facilitating communication and collaboration is a priority for On Screen Manitoba.” – Nicole Matiation, Executive Director

We are part of an international industry that is evolving rapidly, and the demand for content has never been higher. There is a lot of complexity in how our industry works and every aspect of our industry is changing from financing, to production, to marketing, to distribution and audience behaviour. As your industry association, we are following and intervening on a variety of key consultations with all levels of government to ensure Manitoba remains a film-friendly province for all industry professionals, service suppliers and production companies.

In Manitoba, our industry has grown in just three years from one that averaged $100 million in annual production budgets to last year’s high of $173.3 million. With this volume of production, we have the opportunity to welcome many new media production workers. We are working with new and familiar production companies from Manitoba, Canada, the US and other countries. Productions shooting in Manitoba are attached to a range of broadcasters, US Studios, conventional distributors and newer player, Netflix.

Media production workers are in high demand as a result of the increase in production. We need to coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders to ensure industry development initiatives including workforce upskilling, training and recruitment are aligned. The upcoming survey and the Industry Townhall are an opportunity for all of us to share our experiences and our objectives for the future.

The On Screen Manitoba team is here to serve our members and grow the industry. We welcome your suggestions. Please see the events and sessions we have lined up for this year so far.

We look forward to the coming discussions!

Nicole Matiation and Team OSM

On Screen Manitoba thanks its sustaining partners