OSM Mentioned in Manitoba Throne Speech

November 14, 2013

Manitoba’s legislature opened on November 12, 2014 with a Throne Speech that focused on education, training and jobs. The Government indicated its commitment to supporting On Screen Manitoba along with two other industry associations (Composites Innovations Centre and the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters) as examples of economic engines. The Speech also referenced the important role of the whole of the arts and cultural industries sector in terms of economic contributions in the province and international visibility.

On Screen Manitoba’s mention in the Throne Speech reflects the strong growth of the media production industry since the global economic downturn in 2008-09 and follows the launch of Snapshot 2013: The Manitoba Media Production Industry Economic Impact Study. This comprehensive study commissioned by On Screen Manitoba from Nordicity demonstrates that the Manitoba production industry has moved from a primarily service–driven base to a primarily co-production driven-base while maintaining a steady stream of high-quality domestic production in documentary and fiction for television, film and interactive formats. The study also points to Manitoba as a hub for Aboriginal production companies and French language production outside of Québec. Nordicity’s findings include recent moves by the Manitoba media production industry to develop new digital technology opportunities in terms of animation and interactive properties related to the film and television industry.

To read the full Speech from the Throne visit here. The mention of On Screen Manitoba is on page 11 and the paragraph about the whole of the arts and cultural industries sector is on page 13.

On Screen Manitoba thanks its sustaining partners