Public Funds

Comprehensive List of Funds Available

There is a wide variety of public and private funding available for the creation of Canadian feature films. Most funding sources offer funding to projects in both French and English, while special opportunities for French language production, aboriginal productions, and diverse language projects are listed in their own sections.

Funding Sources

A list of funds, export programs, training and networking opportunities, calls for festivals and markets with application deadlines in 2017 may be found here.

 Telefilm Canada

Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural agency dedicated to developing and promoting the Canadian audiovisual industry. Telefilm provides financial support to the private sector to create distinctively Canadian productions that appeal to domestic and international audiences. Telefilm also administers the Canada Media Fund’s programs.


Application deadlines are available on the Telefilm Canada website.


For a list of Telefilm offices and contacts, please click here.

Canada Media Fund

The Canada Media Fund is a not-for-profit corporation that supports content creation for television and other digital platforms. This year, the CMF will deliver $350M in funding.

Through the Experimental Stream, the CMF will encourage the development of leading-edge, interactive, digital media content and software applications.

Through the Convergent Stream, the CMF will support the creation of innovative, convergent television and digital media content for consumption by Canadians anytime, anywhere. The Convergent Stream has several programs and incentives.



Telephone: (416) 214-4400

National Film Board

Canada’s public producer and distributor, the National Film Board of Canada creates interactive works, social-issue documentaries, auteur animation and alternative dramas that provide the world with a unique Canadian perspective.



Click here for a list of contacts for the NFB’s offices, studios and production centres.

Manitoba Tax Credit

Incentive type:

  • Refundable tax credit

Tax credit rate:

  • 30% tax credit on all Manitoba (MB) expenditures, including MB labour and MB purchases/rentals OR 45% of qualifying MB labour expenditures (which can also include labour paid to non-MB residents who work in technical, below-the-line positions, to a maximum of 30% of total actual MB labour expenditures if 2 MB residents trained per non-resident; non-residents do not have to deliver the training)

Effective rate:

  • Amount is not capped

Bonus features:

  • BONUS: 5% of qualifying MB labour expenditures if over 50% of MB production days shot at least 35 km from the center of Winnipeg
  • Frequent Filming BONUS: 10% of qualifying MB labour expenditures on third film shot within 2-year period (producers can access bonus by co-venturing with a company that has frequent filming status)
  • MB Producer Incentive BONUS: 5% of qualifying MB labour expenditures for productions where a MB resident receives credit as a Producer

Project eligibility requirements:

  • Over 25% of salaries and wages paid by production company must be paid to eligible MB employees for work performed in MB

Applicants Eligibility requirements:

  • The production company must be a corporation taxable in Canada, with a permanent establishment in MB, primarily carrying on the business of film, TV, or video production
  • Broadcasters are eligible

Carole Vivier
Chief Executive Officer & Film Commissioner
Phone: 204.947.2040
Fax: 204.956.5261