Public Funds

Comprehensive List of Funds Available

There is a wide variety of public and private funding available for the creation of Canadian feature films. Most funding sources offer funding to projects in both French and English, while special opportunities for French language production, aboriginal productions, and diverse language projects are listed in their own sections.

Bell Fund

Cross Platform Digital Media Development

Cross Platform Digital Media Production

Performance Accelerator

Professional Development

TV Development Online


Bell Media

Harold Greenberg Fund Script Development Program

Harold Greenberg Fund Shorts-to-Features Program






Canada Council

Aboriginal Media Arts Program

Artists and Community Collaboration Program in Media Arts

Grants to Media Arts Organizations: Emergency Fund

Grants to Media Arts Organizations: Initiatives

Grants to Media Arts Organizations: Multi-Year Operating

John Hobday Awards in Arts Management

Production Grants

Project Grants to Media Arts Organizations, Groups and Collectives

Research/Creation Grants

Scriptwriting Grants

Travel Grants to Media Arts Professionals

Visiting Foreign Artists Program: Inter-Arts, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Writing and Publishing


Canada Media Fund

Convergent Stream – Aboriginal

Convergent Stream – Anglophone Minority Incentive

Convergent Stream – Corus-CMF “Page to Pitch” Program

Convergent Stream – Development Fund

Convergent Stream – Digital Media Incentive

Convergent Stream – Diverse Languages Stream

Convergent Stream – English POV

Convergent Stream – English Regional Production Bonus

Convergent Stream – Francophone Minority Program

Convergent Stream – International Coproduction and Codevelopment Incentives

Convergent Stream – Northern Production Incentive

Convergent Stream – Performance Envelope

Convergent Stream – Versioning

Experimental Stream – Accelerated Partnership Pilot Program


Canadian Film Centre

Bell Media Prime Time TV Program

Bell Media Showrunner Bootcamp

CBC Actors Conservatory

CFC / Entertainment One TV Adaptation Lab

CFC Features

CFC/NBCUniversal Canada Exchange

Directors’ Lab

Editors’ Lab

IDEABOOST Accelerator

NFB/CFC Creative Doc Lab

Producers’ Lab

Short Dramatic Film Program

Slaight Music Residency

Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange

Writers’ Lab


Canadian Media Producers Association

CMPA National Mentorship Program


COGECO Program Development Fund

Production Program


COGECO Program Development Fund

Development Program for Digital Drama Series



Corus Family Feature Production Fund

Family Feature Production Fund


Film Training Manitoba

Career Consultations

Career Focus Crew Internship

Community Outreach Program

Crew Course and Travel Fund

Mentorship Programs

Online Courses

Outreach and Community Development

Skills Upgrade

Workshop Training


Harold Greenberg Fund

Equity Investment Program

French language program – Stream 1

French language program – Stream 2

French language program – Stream 3

French language program – Stream 4

Industry Initiatives

Script Development Program


Independent Production Fund

Professional Development Grants

TV Drama Series

Web Drama Series Program



Formation Apple


Manitoba Arts Council

Artists in Community Residency Program

Artists in the Schools Directory Program

Community Connections and Access Program

Deep Bay Artists’ Residency

Grants for Juried Shows

Indigenous Arts Creative Development Grant

Indigenous Arts Mentorship Training and Development Grant

Major Arts Grant

Management and Governance Assistance Program

Manitoba/New Brunswick/Quebec Creative Residency

Media Arts Grant

Special Opportunities Grant under review

Student Bursary Program

Travel/Professional Development Grant


Manitoba Film & Music

Feature Film Development Fund

Feature Film Marketing Fund

Feature Film Production Fund

Grant Program for Emerging Talent

Grant Program for Micro-Budget Production

Pitch Readiness Program for Multi-Episode Productions

Television Development Fund

Television Production Fund

Web-based Development Fund

Web-based Production Fund


Movie Central

Script to Screen


National Film Board

ACIC – Independent Filmmaker Assistance Program

FAP – Filmmakers Assistance Program


National Screen Institute

NSI Aboriginal Documentary

NSI Drama Prize

NSI Features First

NSI Lifestyle Series Producer

NSI New Voices

NSI Totally Television

Script to Screen

Shaw Media Diverse TV Director



FirstPix Grant Program


On Screen Manitoba

Access to Festivals

Access to Markets

Professional Development Fund


Quebecor Fund

Event and Film Production Assistance Program

Export Assistance Program

Main Television Production Assistance Program



Cable Network Fund

Documentary Fund




Rocket Fund – Digital

Rocket Fund – Television


Telefilm Canada

Canada Feature Film Fund Development Program

Canada Feature Film Fund Marketing Program

Canada Feature Film Fund Production Program for French and English-language Productions

International Marketing and Festival Participation Program

Micro-Budget Production Program

Mini-treaty Animation Production (France)

Mini-treaty Cinematographic Production (France)

Mini-treaty Television Development (France)

Theatrical Documentary Program



Development Program

Production Program


Video Pool


Rentals and Services



Winnipeg Arts Council

Individual Artist Grant Program

Multi-Year Grant Programs For Arts Organizations

Professional Development Grant Program for Artists & Arts Administrators

Project Grant Program for Arts Organizations & Collectives

The New Creations Fund for Arts Organizations


Winnipeg Film Group


First Film Fund

Manitoba Film Hothouse Award for Creative Development

Marketing Fund

Production Fund

Rentals and Services

Workshops and Training

On Screen Manitoba thanks its sustaining partners