Industry Trends, Reports and Analysis

Industry Trends, Reports and Analysis

CMF Industry Research offers reports, blogs and discussions on all aspects of digital media production. Topics include crowdfunding, transmedia/multimedia and convergent production, second screen and audience engagement.

A Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit for the Interactive Digital Media Industry

Interactive Ontario launched A Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit for the Interactive Digital Media Industry, created with the support of partners the Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Canada Media FundUbisoft and the Humber College School of Media Studies and Information Technology. The toolkit provides interactive digital media (IDM) companies with pragmatic and actionable advice for enhancing their talent management strategies with the goal of improving team diversity while fostering an inclusive culture. The strategies in the toolkit are tailored to the unique needs of the IDM sector to help leaders attract and retain top talent from diverse backgrounds. Read the report in English [PDF] and French [PDF].


Thriving Together: Film and Tourism Collaboration Study

On Screen Manitoba commissioned Thriving Together: Film and Tourism Collaboration, a study on the interactions of the media production and tourism industries available here.





Monetizing Digital Media

The Trends Report: The Big Blur Challenge

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International Digital Media Co-Production Guide                         

The Digital-Only Media Consumer
The Digital-Only Media Consumer


Telefilm Corporate Publications offers many reports including on some past industry consultations, international markets reports and investment reports.


Impact of the Film Employment Tax Credit On The Film and Video Industry of Saskatchewan

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