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Safety and Health Guidelines for the Manitoba Media Production Industry

These safety guidelines incorporate applicable Government Regulations and are intended to provide a user-friendly guide to those working in media production in Manitoba. These guidelines should be referred to as the minimum standards for Safety and Health in the Manitoba Media Production Industry.

Safety and Health Guidelines for the Manitoba Media Production Industry

Manitoba Production Guide

Published jointly by On Screen Manitoba and Manitoba Film and Music, this publication provides an overview of the practical aspects of production in Manitoba.

Manitoba Film and Television Production Guide 2014 - 2015

2nd prod guide


Industry Reports and Analysis

A look at the economic impact of Manitoba’s media production industry.

Snapshot 2013

Executive Summary

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Full Study

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Snapshot 2009

Snapshot 2009


Media Production Training Resources in Manitoba
Click here to explore post-secondary education and training in the production and business of media production.

Manitoba Film Festivals, Film Clubs and Non-Profit Screening Venues
Click here to explore a list of Manitoba screening venues, film clubs and film festivals.

On Screen Manitoba in Action
On Screen Manitoba is an active advocate for the Manitoba media production industry. Click here to explore the CRTC issues On Screen Manitoba has intervened on since January 2011.