CBC and FullScreen Announce Digital Partnership

September 24, 2015

CBC is partnering with the American digital media network Fullscreen in order to boost the online Canadian creations, connect with younger audiences and extend CBC’s audience reach.


It will result by the launch of an online network designed to give all content makers more exposure, more opportunities and effective tools. This new CBC subdivision will be called “FullScreen Creator Network”. This deal targets the next generation of content creators, who are working on a large variety of platforms (including Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube).


Fullscreen is a California-based multi-channel network (MCN) that has an expertise into developing digital content creators, counting almost 70,000 creators from across the globe, and a combined number of 600 Million subscribers.


This partnership is the CBC response to the growing Youtube stars that are pushing aside mainstream celebrities as recently described last year in a Variety article. These new creators have more intimate relationships with their fans than with previous traditional celebrities. With the Fullscreen Creator Network, CBC is getting closer to a new model for the Canadian marketplace.


An opportunity for creators

The CBC has put a priority on looking for YouTubers with an established fan base to join the network, where creators will have the opportunity to develop their brand, find sponsors and publish content on multiple platforms, including TV.


“We are committed to enabling Canadian creators to share their stories, grow their audiences and make their activities sustainable,” said Richard Kanee, head of digital for CBC English Services.


This new initiative will help to accelerate and amplify the creator’s success, with a set of tools and best practices. CBC will do a work close to talent management, providing creators with coaching, training and support as well as providing new revenue opportunities that would be difficult to obtain for creators working on their own.



Future TV content?


The CBC will bring content distribution platforms, production and marketing support as well as directly managing all sales in Canada, while Fullscreen will deal with international sales.


At least 2,000 Canadian content creators are already working with Fullscreen and they will automatically join the CBC/Fullscreen network. The new talent discoveries emerging from this partnership could lead to TV development in the future, as Richard Kanee is pointing out: “[CBC’s] programming team will be looking for ways to highlight, promote and integrate creators from our network on CBC.ca and within our programming, both digital and broadcast.  These opportunities will evolve over time.”



Fullscreen Channel on YouTube:


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