CRTC Interventions New Distribution Models for CanCon & Small Broadcasters

February 16, 2018

The CRTC has requested data on Canadian revenue, viewership and subscriber base from Netflix, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Corus, Pelmorex Stingray and other online platforms in order to understand their broadcasting activities in Canada for inclusion in the report on future distribution models for Canadian programming due June 1, 2018. The Commission has stated that this data is to remain confidential. See the Playback (2), The Wire Report and articles (paywall) for more information.

On Screen Manitoba submitted written interventions to the CRTC regarding: the proceeding on new distribution models for Canadian programming – phase II; and the Part One applications from the following small broadcasters: Blue Ant, DHX, Rogers (SCN) and Knowledge Network. OSM is also scheduled to appear in April regarding the group licence renewal.

BN 2017-359-2 (Phase II) — OSM FINAL

OSMintervention 2017-183 (-1,-3,-5) DHX-FINAL

OSMintervention 2017-0833-0 City SK (SCN)

Final OSMintervention 2017-0837-2 Knowledge FINAL

OSMintervention 2017-0841-3 Blue Ant-Final

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