CRTC Interventions New Distribution Models for CanCon & Small Broadcasters

February 16, 2018

On Screen Manitoba submitted written interventions to the CRTC regarding: the proceeding on new distribution models for Canadian programming – phase II; and the Part One applications from the following small broadcasters: Blue Ant, DHX, Rogers (SCN) and Knowledge Network. OSM is also scheduled to appear in April regarding the group licence renewal.

BN 2017-359-2 (Phase II) — OSM FINAL

OSMintervention 2017-183 (-1,-3,-5) DHX-FINAL

OSMintervention 2017-0833-0 City SK (SCN)

Final OSMintervention 2017-0837-2 Knowledge FINAL

OSMintervention 2017-0841-3 Blue Ant-Final

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