How To Do Everything Gooder MB Showcase

November 9, 2014

How To Do Everything Gooder MB Showcase

Almost three hundred comedy teams entered the CBC’s ComedyCoup competition from all across the country. That was quickly sliced down to 110 and now to the top 55. On November 10, the top 15 will be announced.

A large part of this contest relies on gathering votes and online support. How To Do Everything Gooder is competing with other teams across Canada that have large pools of people and support, but the Manitoba team has managed to stay on, gaining both attention and popularity as the competition progresses. They’re calling on all Canadians to go to their website: www.Gooder.Tv and help them by voting, tweeting and sharing their story.

They are also staging a live event on November 9th at Providence College in Otterburne MB. People can come, meet Matt and see him perform with a wide array of other talent for free. Some of the other acts on the roster for that night including singer/songwriter Sheena Grobb, improv group Hot Thespian Action, The Wonderist Chris Funk and more.

“Your ticket to the event is earned with a tweet” says Joseph Ranseth from Vine Multimedia. “And we’ll have voting stations set up at the event for those who wish to help.”

The Comedy Coup is a competition put on by CBC, Just For and Cinecoup. Ultimately, ComedyCoup will option a minimum of five projects for development and greenlight one project for $500,000.00 in production financing to create a half-hour comedy special. Fast and fierce, the selected project works with ComedyCoup producers to deliver, market and broadcast the special on CBC prime time by Fall 2015.

The top 15 voting takes place from November 6-9. You can learn more and vote online by visiting here.


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