ACTRA Manitoba Video Call for Submissions

mai 17, 2018

ACTRA Manitoba is looking for a filmmaker (or filmmaking team) to produce an Intro video to be screened at the 2018 ACTRA Awards Gala to take place October 12th. ACTRA will provide financial and in-kind support* for this project. Just send them a 1-3 paragraph pitch to by June 4th.

The video must be 2-5 minutes in length.

The recipient must be willing to work with ACTRA Manitoba on the project. ACTRA Manitoba is the client and therefore must have a say in the final content of the project (within reason).  The filmmaker may, however, use this video for festival submissions, etc., as their own product.

As it is ACTRA Manitoba’s 60th and National’s 75th anniversaries (both diamond anniversaries), preference way be given to pitches that reflect this in some way.

The video must be completed by September 14th, 2018. The pitch material will be reviewed and the applicants will be notified by June 18th.

*ACTRA Manitoba will provide up to $3000 of expenses and in-kind donations for equipment rentals for the project. The recipient must keep a budget with receipts to submit for full reimbursement. ACTRA Manitoba will give half the money up front and the second half upon completion.

On Screen Manitoba remercie ses partenaires pour leurs soutiens