Casting Call: A Dog’s Purpose

juillet 28, 2015

CASTING CALL – A Dog’s Purpose – Clark and Page Casting

STORY LINE:  A beautiful Golden Retriever name Bailey ponders « What is the meaning of life? Are we here for a reason? Is there a point to any of this? »  When he finds Ethan, « his boy, » life is good, and he will do anything to make his boy happy. Bailey lives a long life, but after he dies, he still has some unanswered questions.  After floating for a time in dog limbo, he is reborn – at first, as a German Shepard – then as a French Bulldog – and finally as a big, furry St. Bernard mix.  Fifty years pass before he is finally reunited with Ethan – and he finally comes to understand his purpose.

Actors can submit their headshots and resumes to and will be called in for an audition if suitable.


[ETHAN AT 8 YEARS OLD] Smart, kind, perceptive, loving, Ethan is a wonderful little boy who falls in love with an equally wonderful Golden Retriever puppy named Bailey – and from that day on they are inseparable. Ethan and Bailey are best friends, and they form a bond that lasts forever.  As his mom and dad’s marriage falls apart due to his father’s drinking problem, Ethan finds comfort in his dog – and Bailey is always there for him…LEAD[ETHAN’S MOM] First seen in her early 30s and then several years later, she is Ethan’s mom.  A caring, kind-hearted woman, she is a loving mother.  When she and Ethan see that a little puppy has been locked in a car on a hot day, she smashes the window, saves the puppy and brings him home.  She convinces her husband that they should keep the dog, and he eventually agrees.  Lately, things have not been easy for her because her husband is unhappy with his job, and he begrudges the fact that there’s no promotion coming. She’s also dealing with his drinking problem. Though she tries to remain optimistic, she eventually realizes that her marriage must end…LEAD

[ETHAN’S DAD] 38 years old, beaten down by life, surly and unhappy, he is Ethan’s dad.  Unhappy with his job, he is hoping for a promotion but it soon become clear that there is no promotion on the horizon. An alcoholic, he is often belligerent and angry.  He becomes a great source of embarrassment to his son – and becomes physically abusive with Ethan’s mom.  He is surprised when Ethan confronts him and tells him it’s time to go….LEAD

[CARLOS RUIZ] 38 years old, Latino, with a cop mustache, mirrored sunglasses circa 1970s, he is a police officer with the K-9 unit.  He is Bailey’s owner when Bailey comes back as a big, beautiful German Shepherd.  Stern, professional, all-business, he trains Bailey to be a police dog, and together they go on to be the perfect crime-solving team.  Though Carlos is not a demonstrative man, he loves the dog very much, and he’s heartbroken when the dog is shot.  A lonely man, he lost his wife over a year ago…LEAD

[MAYA WILLIAMS] Late 20s, African American, a pretty, sweet, full-figured young woman with a gorgeous smile, she sees Bailey in a pet store when Bailey is reborn as a darling puppy.  She falls madly in love with the little pup and takes him home. She carries Bailey around in a purse and takes him wherever she goes; Bailey’s feet rarely touch the ground.  Maya also loves to give him treats.  Whenever she eats pizza, ice cream or pretzels, so does Bailey.  Maya is as nice as can be – but she’s lonely.  Eventually, she meets a great guy, marries and has kids – and all the while, Bailey is by her side.  She is heartbroken when he dies…LEAD

[AL] Late 20s, African American, charming and sweet. A good-natured, likeable young man, he is smitten with Maya – and despite the fact she is shy about getting together – continues to pursue her.  When they have a chance meeting while out on a walk, Al seems glad when Maya’s dog wraps his leash around his legs, forcing a longer conversation with Maya.  Eventually they start dating, get married and have three wonderful kids…LEAD

[FRAN] In her late 60s, Fran is Ethan’s maternal grandmother.  She is a loving woman who lives with her husband on the family farm. Warm, affectionate and kind, she is heartbroken when Bailey dies…4 lines, 4 scenes

[BILL] In his late 60s, he is Ethan’s maternal grandfather.  He is a likeable, kind, affectionate man, a farmer who loves his family very much.  He enjoys spending time with his grandson…2 speeches & 4 lines, 4 scenes

[VICTOR] A surly, unpleasant man, he lives with his girlfriend in a run-down house with a yard full of junk.  When his girlfriend brings home Bailey (who has been reborn as an adorable Saint Bernard mix), he is less than enthused.  He ties the dog to a rusting snowmobile in the backyard.  Pugnacious and angry, he yells at  the dog to shut up and forgets to feed him.  When he is cited by the Humane Society, he is not happy.  He takes Bailey to the railroad tracks, and lets him go…Large Principal Role. 3 speeches & 4 lines, 3 scenes

[WENDI] Dressed in spandex pants, Wendi has chipped nails and a sunburned cleavage. With cigarettes in hand, she walks out of a supermarket where two girls are selling puppies.  She buys Bailey who is now a big, furry St. Bernard mix – and brings him home.  Though she thinks the dog is cute at first, she quickly loses interest as the dog grows.  She keeps Bailey chained in the backyard – and forgets to feed him…Large Principal Role. 9 lines, 2 scenes

[RACHEL] Rachel is Hannah’s 34 year old daughter. Married, the mother of a five year old with another one on the way, she is warm, friendly and kind.  She spots Bailey, the St. Bernard mix, while playing with her dog at the park…2 speeches & 6 lines, 3 scenes

[MIGUEL] 30s, early 40’s.  Latin American. He is Rachel’s husband. A fun, engaged dad. 1 line.

[TODD] 17 to 19. A high school football player, he is one of Ethan’s teammates. Jealous and pugnacious, Todd doesn’t like Ethan.  He’s a real bully who taunts Ethan about his alcoholic father.  When Ethan hits him, he is livid.  Seething with anger, he wants to get back at Ethan.  He sets off a M-80 in Ethan’s house.  The explosive causes a fire to erupt…2 speeches & 8 lines, 2 scenes

[BOSS] Late 30s to Late 40s. Ethan’s father’s boss, he is a pompous sort of fellow who comes to the Montgomery house for dinner. Jovial and condescending, he tells Ethan’s dad « you know how to these country folk. You speak their language. »  He has no intention of giving Ethan’s dad a promotion…3 speeches & 5 lines, 1 scene

[BOSS’S WIFE] Late 30s to Late 40s. The boss’s wife, she is a proper, polite sort with a very condescending manner.  She comes to the Montgomery house for dinner.  When things go awry, she is annoyed and appalled…2 speeches & 4 lines, 1 scene

[SAM] 30’s, 40’s. A fellow cop, he asks Carlos if he wants to grab a drink with some of the guys after target practice. Later, he is involved in a police operation to save a kidnapped girl… 1 speech & 3 lines, 2 scenes

[CUSTOMER] 30s to 50s. This man is a customer at a puppy mill.  He says his wife wants something cute…2 lines, 1 scene

[OWNER OF A PUPPY MILL] 30s, 40s. The owner of a puppy mill, he says « you can’t go wrong with a Golden. »…2 lines, 1 scene

[SALVAGE MAN] Character face. Dressed in dirty coveralls, this guy finds the little stray Golden Retriever puppy.  He plans to sell it for a pretty penny.  He leaves the pup in his car on a hot day with the windows rolled up, and the puppy almost dies…2 lines, 1 scene

[ANOTHER TEAMMATE] 17 to 19 years. Male. This high school kid is one of Ethan’s teammates…1 line, 1 scene

[AMBULANCE ATTENDANT] Male/Female. 20s, 30s. This ambulance driver yells for someone to hold the dog…1 line, 1 scene

[POLICEMAN] 30s. This policeman is at the scene of a crime…2 lines, 1 scene

[LIEUTENANT] 50s. This police lieutenant investigates at the scene of a crime…2 lines, 1 scene

[WALLY] Stunt / Dog Handler. This young man works with Carlos as they train Bailey…No lines, 2 scenes

[DETECTIVE] African-American, 30’s-40’s,  this detective tells Carlos about an abduction…1 speech, 1 scene

[COP] Male. 30s, 40s. This cop is saddened when he sees the police dog is wounded…1 speech &1 line, 1 scene

[FEMALE VET] This female vet tries to politely say that Maya’s dog is overweight…1 speech & 4 lines, 1 scene

[VET] Male. 30s to 60s. He carefully examines Bailey who sadly has a twisted bowel. 3 lines.

[BREE] African American. 7 to 9 years old, she is Maya and Al’s energetic daughter…2 lines, 2 scenes

[ELDERLY WOMAN] 70 plus. This kind, elderly woman spots Bailey tied up in Wendi’s backyard – and reports it to the authorities…2 lines, 1 scene

[FARMHAND] 20s. He is an affable farmhand at Ethan’s ranch…1 line, 1 scene

[FATHER] 30’s, 40’s. This father looks for a dog to adopt at the animal shelter…3 lines, 1 scene

[MOTHER] 30’s, 40’s. This mother joins her family as they look for a dog at the animal shelter…2 lines, 1 scene

[DAUGHTER #1] 6 to 8 years old. This excited little girl wants to adopt a dog at the animal shelter…1 line, 1 scene

[YOLANDA/SHELTER WORKER] This person works at the animal shelter. He/She shows the animals to the family…1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene

[WILL] Mixed Race (Caucasian/Latin) This 5 to 7 year old little boy is Hannah’s grandson… 2 lines, 3 scenes

[TEAMMATE] 17 to 19 yrs. One of Ethan’s teammates, he tells Ethan « Go Spartans! »…1 line, 1 scene

[COACH] 30s to 50s. He is Ethan’s high school football coach…1 line, 1 scene

[ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER] Male/Female. This animal control officer gives a citation to Wendi…1 line, 1 scene

[ANIMAL CONTROL DRIVER] Male/Female. This animal control driver reassures Ethan that he/she will do their best. 1 line.

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