Discovery Communications launches Discovery VR

septembre 3, 2015

On August 27th, the American pay-TV programmer, Discovery Communications, announced the launch of Discovery VR, a web platform dedicated to Virtual Reality.

Discovery VR offers Original content; show extensions, and short form programming.

One of the main objective of the website is to immerse the viewers into the action and inside the stories. Discovery VR is also available on iOS and Android Apps, on the Samsung Gear VR’s dedicated video apps, Milk VR, as well as on network Youtube Channels.

Even if Discovery VR has only released a handful of videos, Discovery has already shot hours of unreleased VR content. One of the biggest challenges is that the post-production of VR videos can take three to five times as long as normal videos. There are two phases: stitching the videos captured from several cameras together and then edit this footage.

Discovery is the first company to optimize content for a virtual reality platform. Media analysts still consider VR as science fiction, as right now the viewers are virtually non-existent.

While still at the experimentation phase, VR is at the verge of a wide access to the general public. One of the main concerns about virtual reality is the risk of motion sickness for users, which seems to be related by being able to control the point of view and moving your own head in the same time.

Since Facebook’s Oculus Rift has started the VR frenzy, many companies recently announced the creation of VR projects and Sony and Samsung disclosed plans to soon launch new VR headset in 2015.




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