MIDCAN’S new equipment

septembre 16, 2013

The problem with dollies and sliders is that they take up so much space. If you’re trying to travel light, 8’ track sections and a box of wedges don’t fit well into a 737’s overhead bin. The CamTram 2500 solves that problem by letting you take advantage of local hardware solutions to construct a track. Extension ladders can be found anywhere and are light and rigid. Put one end on a table, and prop the other end on a camera case, and you’re set (below, they ratchet strapped monopods to each corner). Got some speed rail or 2x4s? Instant track! The CamTram’s unique design lets it adjust to different widths of track, and its wheels are on rockers to smooth out small imperfections. The kit comes with both Mitchell and 100mm bowl mounts, and the whole unit packs into a custom Stormcase. Loaded cinema cameras aren’t a problem, it can take the weight. The grips from the Churchill shoot on page one fell in love with it!

MidCan services the Film and Broadcast communities, and often you see some pretty big hardware in the pages of this newsletter. What you may not know is we also cater to the “man off the street”. Almost every weekend, a novice will have been asked to shoot a relative’s wedding, and those folks come to us looking for gear and guidance. Our latest camera for these budding Spielbergs is the Panasonic AG-AC160. It records to two 64GB SD cards. This allows up to 13 hours of recording in full HD! It has a fold out screen, as well as rear viewfinder for sunny days. It uses ⅓” CMOS chips, and that size allows a nice 23x optical zoom. It has 3 stages of built-in Neutral Density filters. Uncle Steven always appreciates the ability to throw it into “Full Auto” mode and let the camera handle exposure, white balance, audio levels and focus (of course all of these features can also be set manually). It has a pro HD-SDI out, but better for this crowd is an HDMI out to review the ceremony on a big screen. We send ours out with 3 large batteries, a charger, and a USB3 card reader for faster than real-time offloading of the footage onto their computer. All of this goodness can be yours for $125 per day, and we consider the weekend to be one day

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