September 23 Canada Media Fund Consultation in Winnipeg

septembre 24, 2015

On September 23, Canada Media Fund (CMF) president and CEO, Valerie Creighton, along with Stéphane Cardin, Vice-president Industry and Public Affairs and Nathalie Clermont, Director of Program Management met with about 30 Manitoba producers and industry stakeholders to present an overview of the results of the past year and a draft conceptual strategy to facilitate the production of quality Canadian content. The strategic vision being presented across the country will not be reflected in the 2016-2017 CMF guidelines; rather, it is the beginning of a conversation about adapting to the multiplatform digital space. View the presentation.

Yesterday’s session was part of the CMF’s annual consultation process, On Screen Manitoba also sits on several CMF working groups. Including the Performance Envelopes session held on September 9 and the November 3 session on Licence Fees Thresholds and Other Rights as well as the November 10 session on Other Issues Pertaining to Content Financing and Distribution. Executive Director Nicole Matiation works with OSM’s Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs Committee in preparing for these sessions.

Key topics discussed during the September 23 CMF Focus Group in Winnipeg include the notion of “Landmark Content”; the role of the broadcaster; the importance of development funding; and the disparity in terms of regional and non-regional funding. Detailed notes regarding the session will be provided to OSM members on September 25.

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