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Manitoba Media Production Industry Facts


Manitoba production incentives, the film and video tax credit, the equity fund (and increasingly the interactive digital media tax credit) are effective. The Manitoba Film and Video Tax Credit represents an average of 18% of any production budget, and it is the first step to securing the additional 30-35% of private financing that will in turn leverage the remainder of the budget from public and private-public sources, the vast majority of which come from outside of Manitoba. The Manitoba media production industry works for Manitoba — on average on an annual basis it produces:

  • 1600 jobs.
  • $108M in total production volume.
  • 67 production projects in all genres and formats.

It contributes:

  • $71.4 M to the provincial GDP.
  • $134.7 M in combined tax revenue (federally, provincially, and locally).

It attracts:

  • $58.2 M in production funding from outside of province.
  • 24% or $14M of that $58M comes from international sources.
  • $3.48 from outside of the Province for every dollar Manitoba invests in filming incentives (the tax credit and equity).

This past year production has grown and the coming year also promises a similar volume of production. The increase has resulted in:

  • Some 1600 jobs
  • About $126M total production volume

Manitoba’s Investment in the media production sector is effective. Manitoba’s investment in the local media production industry provides effective leverage to:

  • Attract private financing. On average 30% of Manitoba’s annual production volume is financed through private sources.
  • Increase the capacity of companies to maintain more IP — 56% of Manitoba productions are owned or partially owned by Manitoba companies, up 31% since 2007-2008.
  • Build a healthy ecosystem of emerging and established production companies. Manitoba has some 55 production companies and 10 service supplier companies that directly employ 462 people. 12 companies have been in operations for over 20 years, 20 for 10-20 years, 11 for 5-10 years and 12 for less than 5 years.

Manitoba production incentives are effective – they offer opportunity to a broad range of highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs:

  • 23% of Manitoba production companies are Aboriginal or Metis owned.
  • 48% of Manitoba production companies are owned by Women.
  • 49% of IATSE members are artists in their own right or work in theatre as well as film and television.
  • Francophone producers in MB working exclusively in French account for only 3% 
of the production companies but 16% of total production.

(The facts listed the section above are from on Snapshot 2013, commissioned by On Screen Manitoba from Nordicity): Manitoba’s investment in the media production industry is effective — since the establishment of Manitoba Film and Music and On Screen Manitoba in 1987, Independent production companies have:

  • Created over 605 film, TV and web projects including over 119 feature films, 183 series and 303 one-offs in both documentary and fiction;
  • Earned over 460 national and international award nominations with over 195 wins.

(Based on the number of projects recorded in Snapshot 2009 and Snapshot 2013 including the period of 2003 through to 2013, commissioned by On Screen Manitoba from Nordicity and MFM 2014-2015 annual report): Specific Examples of Manitoba Production Incentives at work:

  • From 1995 to 2011, Les Productions Rivard
    • Produced 75 projects representing more than 600 hours of original programming in the French language.
    • Invested an estimated $50 million locally in job creation, artist fees, accommodation services, and other industry suppliers.
  • In 2014-2015 the Manitoba film and video tax credit investment resulted in over 100 productions including the award-winning feature film, Hyena Road and award-winning TV series

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