Invitation to sign a Declaration for the sustainability of Canada’s Cultural Industries

September 15, 2017

On Screen Manitoba joined some forty Québec and Canadian media production stakeholders in urging both the federal and Québec governments to take action to ensure the long-term vitality of cultural industries in Canada. The Manifesto for the Sustainability and Influence of National Culture and Media in the Digital Age was released Thursday, September 14. Interested members may sign the document by visiting Standing For Culture.  

The Declaration calls for all levels of government to use existing tools of policy, legislation, regulation and investment to ensure Canadian content continues to be accessible to Canadians and successful in international markets. More specifically, the Declaration:

  • Urges all levels of government to review regulatory measures to encourage the creation, distribution and discoverability of Canadian content via the Internet. 
  • Asks government to update current tax law to ensure all businesses contribute fairly, including online services that provide access to Canadian cultural products.
  • Urges government to continue investing in the creation of Canadian content stimulating hundreds of thousands of jobs. 

“Content produced in this country entertains, moves, informs, or passionately engages us, and is greatly appreciated by the public…It is unlike any other commercial good. We must protect it, encourage its development and support its accessibility so it can thrive, in the new digital environment.”

See the media releases in English and French and media coverage below for more information.

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