Jean-Pierre Blais Speaks at the Banff World Media Festival

June 10, 2015

CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais gave the second of two speeches at the Banff World Media Festival this Sunday, recyling his Back to the Future metaphor to underline the importance of finding new systems for content creation and monetization.

“Choice is the reality of this age. But that reality is not without challenges.” Said Blais.  “The players in the traditional television system must adapt if they are to survive. Broadcasters and creators must find new ways to bring content to viewers as they move away from appointment-based viewing and toward on-demand consumption.”

The Let’s Talk TV: A Conversation with Canadians process saw the CRTC develop a new framework for the Canadian television system. CRTC decisions during this process culminated in the March 12 decision to de-regulate Terms of Trade.

“I’m here to tell you—all of you—it will be OK,” Blais reassured the audience. “Changes in this industry are not simply inevitable. They’re already happening. There’s no use in being nostalgic about the good old days because they’re behind us. What worked then—and this applies to making content, producing ads, airing shows and even governing the industry—doesn’t work nearly as well today and will work even less well tomorrow.”

Blais pointed out that new revenue streams in a changing media landscape. The potential for mass market sales through a growing population of smartphone users and click-to-purchase retail potential for video content producers to monetize wardrobe or props brands into online sales commissions.

“We have broadband technology to thank for this sea change,” said Blais. He added that the CRTC might set higher target for broadband speeds for internet service providers. “The future of broadband is the future of media”

Jean-Pierre Blais finished his speeched by urging Canadian producers to create meaningful content that can compete on a global stage. To take the CRTCs decisions over the last year and to use them as tools to build new business models. To “make the best of them.”







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