Launch of the Adam Beach Film Institute

September 16, 2013

The Adam Beach Film Institute‘s mission is to provide resources and training to Aboriginal youth who are interested in pursuing a career within the film industry. The ABFI will develop a distribution system to serve the needs of its clients and the audiences those clients are to reach. The ABFI will also be a workplace of inclusion and respect, with a main focus on the development of creativity and ideas.

The Adam Beach Film Institute (ABFI) would function as creative, spiritual and practical community, centered around a Winnipeg Studio and would provide current and future generations with strong educational and employment perspectives. An overriding characteristic of the overall venture is to provide for an underlying Aboriginal philosophy; where people are put before the business; with a strong view to building a business which can serve generations to come; and with the required momentum and know-how to embark successfully on the subsequent activities. Consequently, it is the vision of the ABFI to operate within and be guided by the following principles:

  • Native Stories
  • Stories in the Native Spirit (e.g. Our history of trade)
  • Commercial projects with general content
  • Projects which can generate local employment

In order to ensure that the guiding principles of the Adam Beach Film Institute are followed and practiced, the governance structure of the Institute would work closely with the primary stakeholders of this vision, including Adam himself and key personnel. The Adam Beach Film Institute would follow a comprehe nsive creative experience for those Aboriginal youth interested in pursuing a career in film. Stages of development and training would embody professional standards with input from key personnel.

Click here to access the ABFI brochure.

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