Manitoba Chambers Adds Voice to Arts and Culture Review

July 20, 2017

Last week, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC) appreciated an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on the future or the arts and culture industry in Manitoba.

We were invited to be part of a roundtable hosted by Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage, Rochelle Squires. These roundtable discussions are aimed at garnering input that will make up the government’s new culture policy for Manitoba. During the hour and a half meeting, Minister Squires heard a great deal about the importance of arts and culture in the province, the challenges those connected with the industry face, the need for timely processing for grant submissions, and ideas to improve and grow a thriving sector to the economy.

MCC President and CEO Chuck Davidson spoke of the importance of changing the dialogue surrounding the industry. For too long, arts and culture has been viewed as a cost to government, but it should be viewed as an investment in Manitoba. MCC also shared with Minister Squires the message we take to communities throughout the Chamber network who are focused on growing their area via tourism. The biggest question we ask community leaders is “are you ready? Is your community ready? Is your product ready?” With a financial contribution to Manitoba of over $1.4 billion, arts and culture is an industry on the rise and with a focused review, could be one of the leading economic drivers.

You can read more on the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce policy on showcasing and supporting arts and creative industries in Manitoba by clicking here. More information on the province’s review can be found below.

Question of the Week – Weigh in!
As mentioned above, the province in the midst of the first review of arts and culture policy in a quarter century. This critical sector is the focus of our question of the week.

Today, we give you the chance to tell us just how would you improve the arts and culture industry in Manitoba? Take the survey here.


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