Mobile Media Lab Equipment Rentals

The Mobile Media Lab offers state-of-the-art immersive and interactive equipment for media professionals working in Manitoba.

Equipment includes the Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera with 360-degree audio and video capture. OZO is the world’s first professional Virtual Reality camera. Three full body textile motion capture suits enhance opportunity to develop Manitoba’s capacity in 3D animation for films, video games and television projects. Industry professionals also have the opportunity to explore augmented reality project development using a Hololens. In addition to traditional filming environments, the lab also features mobile rental services, allowing producers and designers to test and create on location and in their own spaces.

Please see below for a listing of equipment.

For rental requests, download and fill out the Equipment Request Form and send to rentals@onscreenmanitoba.com.  

For more information on unit packages, equipment demos, or general inquiries about the Mobile Media Lab, please contact:

Maryam Decter (Membership and Programs Manager, On Screen Manitoba) maryam@onscreenmanitoba.com; 204-927-5898
Jonathan Lê (Training Manager, New Media Manitoba) Jon@newmediamanitoba.com

Please note: lab equipment will be made available at preferential rates for members of On Screen Manitoba, New Media Manitoba, and other related non-profits.

See the Mobile Media Lab press release for more details.

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