Open Letter to Minister Joly on CRTC PNI Decisions

July 27, 2017

July 24, the CMPA, the DGC, ACTRA, On Screen Manitoba and other industry organizations published an Open Letter to Minister Joly in the form a full-page ad in Ottawa’s The Hill Times concerning the CRTC PNI Decisions. OSM members may sign the House of Commons e-petition here. See The Huffington Post,, Playback and The Wire Report articles.

August 2, Rogers, Corus and Bell Media published a joint rebuttal letter as a full-page ad in The Hill Times stating that the changes to PNI regulations would not decrease the amount of Canadian content commissioned. See The Wire Report and Playback articles for more information.

The CMPA issued a follow-up statement August 3. Minister Joly will announce her decision August 14.

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