OSM Partners with Indiegogo

January 31, 2014

On Screen Manitoba has launched a partnership page with Indiegogo, the world’s largest global crowd funding platform. The new page will act as a spotlight for our members’ campaigns and help endorse the projects with cross-promotions.

By creating a partnership with Indiegogo, On Screen Manitoba members will have access to interactive suite of educational tools and support resources. Members can upload their campaigns on the partner page and cross promote with On Screen Manitoba through social media and In Focus newsletter. Members will also receive a 25% discount in Indiegogo fees that is automatically applied when the campaign is linked.

Here is a link to the Campaigner Field Guide to help you get started and click here for an introduction to crowd funding video learn a bit more about crowd sourcing with Indiegogo.

If you have already done an Indiegogo campaign and would like your project uploaded on our partner page please email katy@onscreenmanitoba.com or refer to our section on Linking Campaigns.

Here are some campaigns On Screen Manitoba has already uploaded onto the Partner Page.

Linking Campaigns:

Campaigns can be linked to On Screen Manitoba’s Partner Page through the Unique Campaign Creation URL.

Anyone using this link to build their campaign on Indiegogo will have their campaign automatically linked to On Screen Manitoba’s Partner Page. When clicked, the user will first be asked to either login or create an account with Indiegogo then they will be taken directly into the campaign creation wizard to start building their campaign.

Resources from Indiegogo:

Here is Ten Myths of Crowd Funding if you are considering funding your project with Indiegogo.

One of the best methods for collecting tips is to review successful and unsuccessful campaigns on http://www.indiegogo.com.

Recorded Webinars: A detailed listing of webinars on campaign tips and best practices.

Crowd Chats:  Exercise crowd funding with weekly live hangout sessions. Subscribe to Indiegogo’s social media or blog to get updates on dates/times for upcoming sessions.

YouTube: Webinars and additional video content.

Campaign Success Tips: Summary page containing shortcuts to videos, blog postings, articles and more.

Campaigner/User Support:


This is the primary contact for both campaign owners and contributors.

Indiegogo’s fully trained Customer Happiness Team is staffed 7 days/week and provides support on campaign related inquiries including:

• Refund requests

• Technical questions/difficulties

• Payments/disbursements

• Campaign deadlines

• Educational questions/insights

• General support

For more information, email katy@onscreenmanitoba.com or visit www.indiegogo.com and

follow at www.twitter.com/indiegogo and


On Screen Manitoba thanks its sustaining partners