Bisong Taiwo


Bisong Taiwo is a filmmaker based in Winnipeg. He has been producing films for the last five years, directing three short films, a narrative feature, and a documentary feature. His short film, Saving Grace, has screened at several film festivals around the world and was acquired by the Winnipeg Film Group for distribution. He also directed and produced the Christmas short film, Advent Messiah, a re-imagining of the nativity story told using miniature models and sets. Bisong's latest and first narrative feature, Time Sleeper, tells the story of a woman who, upon accidentally discovering time travel, must travel one year into the past to save her son from a fatal accident. He also has an upcoming documentary, Memoirs of Salone; A collection of memories of a trip to the beautiful West African country of Sierra Leone, showcasing the people, the food, the beaches, and the culture.


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  • Emerging BIPOC Filmmaker Award

    Through this award, Reelworld Screen Institute aims to increase the visibility of BIPOC Canadian films and filmmakers on national and international stages.

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