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Chris Gaudry is a Metis director, writer and producer from Winnipeg, Canada. Whether he is working in the media realms of film, television, art, or corporate video, Gaudry's goal is to create content that will truly inspire people and affect change. In 2017 Chris had the opportunity to co-direct a french language television series titled Au Pays des Michif for BELL Quebec's discovery channel, Canal D. The show explored the cultural background of the Michif people in St Laurent Manitoba, a richly Metis dense community where the traditional practices of the Metis are still a part of everyday life. Working in both the french language as well as Michif, the show was a chance for Gaudry to explore foundational topics such as environmental sustainability, hunting and harvesting, importance of language, and the balance of tradition vs. modernization. Exploring these fundamental topics through a Metis lens demonstrated that the Metis, like all indigenous communities, have a strong voice in shaping the future and it was thrilling for Gaudry to help propel their voice in this format. In 2019, the show was picked up by Canada's Indigenous broadcaster, APTN, and re-branded as an English and Michif language show titled, Michif Country. Gaudry has already completed work as writer and director on the first four episodes of Michif Country and until March 2020 was slated to begin work on a french language environmental TV series titled, La Terre En Nous. Gaudry is also founder of 4/4 Films (aka. Four Four Films) a boutique video production company located in Winnipeg. Maintaining 4/4 Films has allowed Gaudry to continue to work on non-broadcast related projects such as music videos, short form stories, and art projects. Having the flexibility to move around formats has allowed Gaudry to be creative on a variety of projects and continue to work towards what makes him tick, inspiring people. Gaudry also enjoys mentoring the next generation of video professionals at Winnipeg’s Red River College where he serves part time as an instructor in the Creative Arts Department. In this capacity, he can harness his passion and energy towards teaching video and audio skills to burgeoning, young filmmakers who will one day carry the torch.


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