François Balcaen


François Balcaen has always told stories... His 28-year career in the motion picture film industry has given him an in-depth knowledge of storytelling as a visual art. His attention to detail and strong cinematic style evoke his fundamental principal that above all, the emotions that lie within the narrative must rule… His directing resume includes the documentary film “Marguerite: Hier et Aujourd’hui”, an immensely moving account of the Grey Nuns 275 year history in Canada. His follow up, “La Liberté” relives the often turbulent 100 year history of Manitoba’s only french language newspaper. “Un Musée Pour L’Humanité”, finds a group of high school students discovering the world of human rights and by extension the founding of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. 2017 witnessed the release of the adventure documentary mini-series “La Grande Traversée”. Highly anticipated and critically acclaimed, it chronicles the historic north Atlantic crossing by sail of 10 ordinary Canadians. Bravely retracing their ancestor’s footsteps, their personal journeys unfold as they face high seas and low morale and attempt to travel from La Rochelle, France to reach the “New World”… As a “raconteur”, François has the ability to draw both the audience and cast and crew alike into his world. He inspires them all to follow him, as he interprets thru his lens, the misconceptions and preconceptions of our collective lives. François calls Winnipeg, Canada home.


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