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Our friendly, professional staff have decades of experience in the industry, supporting projects ranging from small independent films and documentaries, to big-budget Academy Award-winning studio productions. We know that your time is money – and expert support can make the difference for your film’s artistic and financial success. Whether it’s finding the perfect urban location, getting permits to film a captivating streetscape, or even renting a fire truck... we have the City of Winnipeg and community contacts you need to make your project a success. The Winnipeg Film Office knows how to open doors for you. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the City’s extensive inventory of historic, contemporary, and natural locations. We also have a close working relationship with all the key players you need to know, in government, local production companies, the film-related unions, professional associations, and training institutes. Our partners include Manitoba Film and Music, On Screen Manitoba, Film Training Manitoba, and the Winnipeg Film Group. It’s our people – our dynamic, professional film community – who’ve made Winnipeg the focus of so much new film and TV production. With fantastic locations, great crews, a great film and video tax credit program, and the staff of the City of Winnipeg Film Office eager to help you – Winnipeg is the place to film in North America. Call us – we look forward to working with you.


Key Contacts

Kenny Boyce

Manager of Film and Special Events (204) 986-2138

Monique Perro

Film Liaison (204) 986-2138

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