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Rogers Ofime is the first Nigerian producer to produce a multicamera, studio based television drama. The television drama titled Tinsel has produced over 700 episodes of thrilling drama to viewers across 48 countries in Africa. Tinsel is also the first Nigerian daily soap opera to broadcast on high definition on Multichoice Satellite. His creative ability and strong leadership qualities has not only kept a team working together for over 4 years but also led a team of over 120 crew, 15 permanent actors and over 500 support and day actors to achieve over 10 awards in 2 years. His innate desire to make the soap rank amongst the very best in Africa and around the world has made them achieve remarkable success. Apart from Tinsel, he has also registered remarkable success with other projects he has worked on as a freelance or permanent staff. He enjoys training young producers and production managers as he believes the growth of television, stage and film is in new professionals.


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