Olaoluwa Fayokun


Olaoluwa Fayokun is an emerging writer, director, and producer, and is an Apprentice Member of ACTRA. He was born in Nigeria, then moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 8, then moved to Winnipeg in 2008. Olaoluwa holds his Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminology and a minor in Theatre from the University of Manitoba. Although Olaoluwa’s primary artistic focus has been acting, he has been working to gain skills as a writer, director, and producer. Olaoluwa is as passionate about the theatre as he is in film and television, and he looks forward to a career that encompasses both. Olaoluwa’s work in the theatre includes the role of “Joseph” in This Little Town, the role of “Kamta” in Sarasvati Productions’ New Beginnings directed by Cherissa Richards, and Ross McMillan's Scandals of the Boy-Mind at the Winnipeg Fringe. Olaoluwa also appeared in several shows at the Blackhole Theatre, including the role of “Speed Merritt” in Empathy directed by Daphne Finlayson, the role of “Gregor” in Nothing Sacred directed by Chris Johnson, and the role of “Constable” in After Margritte, directed by Margaret Fergusson. He recently appeared as “Brock" in the play Love Letters for Juliet, directed by Makrenna Sterdan. Olaoluwa is currently acting in the feature film Blackfriar Macbeth, produced by Shakespeare in the Ruins and directed by Sarah Constible and Michelle Boulet. He also appeared in Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott’s film Tales from the Hood. Currently, Olaoluwa is in the Creative Manitoba Youth Mentorship program with Rebecca Gibson. Actor training includes ACTRA’s Actors Gym (Beat Analysis Within Film Scenes) — taught by BJ Verot, Speaking the Text (Introduction to Shakespeare’s Language and Tools) — taught by Tom Soares, Intro to Theatre – taught by Bob Smith, Onstage (audition requirement) — taught by Bob Smith and Margaret Groome, and Text and Performance – taught by Bill Kerr. Athletically, Olaoluwa enjoys basketball, ultimate frisbee, and cycling. And he is an excellent cook.

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