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Locally owned and operated, UNIT204 offers 12,864 sq. feet of professionally managed office, workshop, studio, and lock-up space located 400m from the Manitoba Production Centre. Our facility’s flexible design can accommodate the needs of your pre-production, production, and office staff, including location scout headquarters, script read-throughs, auditions, or simply a professional space to meet and discuss a project. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates on all spaces. The 6,000 square feet of shop spaces at UNIT204 are purpose-built with film production in mind. Well lit, ventilated, modular shops allow a production to use the spaces in the way that works for them. Our carpentry and metal fabrication shops include enough tools to outfit the crew, set dec and props lock spaces are complete with shelving and drive-in access, and our paint shop is equipped with an air remover and full-size commercial sinks. We are continually upgrading all the spaces to help create efficiencies that add to the value for our clients. An 1,100 square foot cyclorama studio space boasts a fully powered lighting grid, available pre-installed LED lighting, drive-in loading bay, and ample space for crew to do their work. All these advantages spell a savings in time and money. Whether it’s a small-scale shoot or a big day of inserts, camera and lighting tests, or a place for your camera crew to prep, the UNIT204 studio can meet the need. Preferred Protection & Response Services provides regular, manned security patrols each evening, helping to increase your personal safety and the security of your valuable equipment and work. Our mission is to provide a safe, professional space which reflects the high caliber of talent working in Manitoba and rises to the demands of any production.


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Carrie Wilkins

Co-Owner / Operator carriejwilkins@gmail.com 204-775-0204

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