The Canada Council for the Arts has announced a new funding model

June 3, 2015

The Canada Council for the Arts announced June 3rd that they would be introducing a new funding model to be implemented in 2017. A new redistribution of the yearly funding of 154M$ to artists will alleviate the complexity of the existing system. The Canada Council is currently managing 147 discipline based programs, the new system will replace them in 2017 by 6 national non-disciplinary programs: Arts Across Canada; Arts Abroad; Engage and Sustain; Creating, Knowing and Sharing Aboriginal Arts; Explore and Create; and Engage and Sustain. These programs will take into account new needs and trends, while staying flexible and broad. Thus, this decision will break the traditional disciplinary silos to accept more multi-disciplinary projects and bring unity to the programs. According to Simon Brault, director of the Canada Council for the Arts: “We’re moving to a universe where it will be outcome driven, as opposed to being kind of discipline driven. The goal of each program will be much clearer.”

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