The Manitoba Film Industry Works feat. Adam Beach

December 22, 2015

The Manitoba Film Industry Works feat. Adam Beach from On Screen Manitoba on Vimeo.   Here are some key messages about Manitoba’s film industry:

  • Over 1,400 full-time jobs are created by the film and television industry. The perception that films bring in all their own cast and crew is false. The majority of projects filmed in Manitoba employ mostly local crew. As an example, nearly 100% of the crew on The Pinkertons was Manitoban, while 95% of the acting roles went to locals.
  • In the past 10 years, Manitoba has seen $1 billion worth of production. Over half of that was spent in the province on salaries, supplies and services.
  • This past spring, the Manitoba Film & Video tax credit was renewed to 2019. This early renewal was a major vote of confidence from the Province of Manitoba, which recognizes the value of sustained industry support and understands the economic and cultural benefits of the production sector.
  • This past year 13 feature films, 2 dramatic series, 8 factual series and 29 documentaries were shot in Manitoba.
  • Over 250 IATSE members and over 30 DGC members are currently working in Manitoba.
  • Based on five-year annual average (2009/10-2012/13), Manitoba’s $17 M investment in the film and video tax credit and the equity fund results in:- $58 M attracted to MB from sources outside of the Province (26% of that from outside of Canada)$ – 108M in production volume (that is a half billon over 5 years) – 67 projects (features, series etc) – A GDP contribution of over $71M – Provincial tax incentives make up roughly 18% of film and television financing in Manitoba – Each dollar of the Province’s contribution to financing film and television in Manitoba attracted an additional $3.48 in financing from other sources – This economic activity in Manitoba contributes an estimated $134.7 million in combined tax revenue (federally, provincially, and locally)

On Screen Manitoba thanks its sustaining partners