Vimeo introduces subscription options for users to sell original content

June 3, 2015

The video-sharing website Vimeo announced the launch of Vimeo on Demand, a new SVOD tool, allowing Vimeo users to charge fans a monthly fee for unlimited viewing of their content.

Creators can now choose to make content available as a subscription, in addition to rental or purchase. Creators can set their own pricing for monthly subscriptions, and have the option of offering subscriptions worldwide or in specific countries of their choice.

Vimeo On Demand hosts it’s own storefront, which creators can use to sell content. Vimeo’s embeddable HD player also allows for the sale of content on any website. Creators can also sell their content through Vimeo’s Publisher’s Network, which includes a number of publishers that host Vimeo content on their sites.

Like other SVOD services, Vimeo’s new program provides creators with the option to give users free subscription trials, as well as offer free episodes and release bonus materials to help build up audiences. Creators can use a stats dashboard to access subscriber data, and they keep 90% of revenue generated after transaction fees.


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