Who Does What in Manitoba

Here is a brief description of other media production organizations in Manitoba and the services they provide:

The Winnipeg Film Group offers their members equipment, rentals, small grants for first time filmmakers, workshops and opportunities to network with other filmmakers (potential mentors and crew).

Video Pool provides their members with access to professional video and media equipment, small grants to help them make their first video and training opportunities.

National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) provides training, development and production support through courses like NSI Totally Television, NSI Drama Prize, NSI New Voices, NSI Features First, NSI Aboriginal Documentary, Script to Screen and NSI Lifestyle & Reality Series Producer.

NSI also offers national exposure through the NSI Online Short Film Festival, and provides vast resources and support to film, television, and digital media industry members at nsi-canada.ca.

Manitoba Film & Music offers a series of programs aimed at the development, production and marketing of projects shot in Manitoba.

Manitoba Film & Music (MFM) can assist you with questions regarding filming in the province, as well as Manitoba’s Film and Video Tax Credit. The MFM website also contains a comprehensive locations photo gallery.

Film Training Manitoba offers workshops and apprenticeships for actors and partners with local production companies to offer work experience opportunities. FTM is dedicated to providing high caliber training and professional development programs to sustain Manitoba’s film industry, which is part of Manitoba’s vibrant cultural community. It is imperative that Manitoba be capable of providing crew and services that meet world industry standards.

FTM collaborates with members of the film and television industry to identify the training needs within the community. With this information we can offer practical, skill-based training that is targeted where labour gaps occur.

The Manitoba Arts Council offers funding for dramatic, experimental, animated, films and videos made by Manitobans.

On Screen Manitoba thanks its sustaining partners